Cafe Diablo

About us

Nestled below the Boulder and Thousand Lake Mountains in southern Utah, Cafe Diablo offers a fresh dining experience that celebrates the outdoors and the red rock wonders that surround us. Dine outdoors on our patio or indoors in our local art gallery and enjoy a seasonally inspired menu with a casually sophisticated ambiance.

The human tongue has roughly 10,000 taste buds. Our aim is to excite all of them! By showcasing local flavors and ingredients, we create dishes that please the palate and the eye. And after the main meal, may we suggest you save room for dessert. We make all of our pastries and ice cream on the premises daily, and they are simply scrumptious.

welcome_imageWhat makes dining at our restaurant so special?

At Cafe Diablo, we believe a superb meal requires 4 ingredients:

If you’ll provide the conversation, we’ll take care of the rest.

What makes our food taste so marvelous?

In the springtime, we grow our own herbs in local greenhouse and use them in almost every recipe. By the time the last frost is gone, we are harvesting many of our own vegetables and fruits, including our own garlic, at our organic farm just down the road. You see, we believe strongly that food has a relation to the area in which it is produced. You can taste the soil vegetables grow in, the grass animals eat, the hay cows consume to produce the milk local cheese is made from. From our local lamb to our heirloom apricots, these are important tastes with a difference. The only place you can experience these tastes is here, not because of our recipes but because of our local food. We hope you will come back time and again for the unique tastes found only here in southern Utah.